Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bath and Splash

Today Sampson had his first real bath and... didn't like it too much! He cried most of the time poor thing. It wasn't too bad though and now he smells nice and clean! He was very content when he was wrapped up in the towel. Afterwards he immediately guzzled down a bottle and went right to sleep. I think he was hungry and tired anyway. Gosh he's so precious and I love him so much!
Sasha also had fun in her new little sprinkler toy. At first she was nervous to go in the water but after awhile she was splashing and putting water on her face and hair.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sampson and Sasha

I can't believe Sampson is 3 weeks old! Actually 3 weeks and two days to be exact. He is such a doll and such a good baby. I love to sit and hold him and put his soft, little cheek next to mine. Precious.

Sasha is such a big "helper". She wants to help me with everything. Currently her most favorite things to do are:

1. Play outside.
The dogs have to be out there too or she screams for them to come out. Poor things. All she does is chase them around. She has a blast out back jumping on the trampoline, swinging and running thorugh the grass.

2. Eating popsicles.
The first thing she asks for when she's hungry is a popsicle. We have to limit her to one a day or she would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

3. Watch her "birdie" video.
It's a Big Bird video that teaches the alphabet and she practically has the entire thing memorized. She can sing along and recites the words before they are said. It's hillarious-she's only 27 months old! :)

4. Chase the dogs with her stoller or lawn mower.
Poor things can't get away from her! WEll, actually, they can now. I had them trained to stay off our bed but it's the only place they can get away from her and because I feel sorry for them I've let them get up there. UGH!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dr. Visit

Sampson went for his two week checkup today. He checked out fine. He's only gained 1/2 lb. but the nurse said that was perfect.
I also took Sasha to have her two-year check up as well and to get a shot she needed. Holy cow she's crazy! She did NOT like it when the nurse was measuring Sampson. She kept saying "Gimme that!" How embarrassing! And when SHE had to be checked she was bawling and screaming. Poor thing. The nurse had me lay her across my lap on her tummy when she gave her the shot and luckily she only cried for a minute. I'm glad she doesn't have to get any more shots until kindergarden! :)