Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Morning!

Today Randy had to take his work car into the dealership to get the headlight replaced.  This meant I had to drive the van to the dealership so he had a ride home.

Things for me to do:

Get kids up (okay Randy got Sampson out of his bed and Sasha woke up on her own but still...) {check}

Change diapers {check}

Get kids dressed {check}

Give Sampson a handful of Cheerios and a bottle {check}

Get Sasha  a sippy cup with milk and a baggie of Trix {check}

Get dressed, brush teeth, put hair in pony tail {check}

Do Sasha's hair {check}

Put Sampson in carseat with blanket {check}

Get kids in car {check}

Things for Randy to do:

Take shower, brush teeth, do hair {check}

Get dressed {check}

Eat {check}

Get in car {check}

Hmmmmmm....... The "lists" look a little uneven... 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's Been Happening?

Today Randy surprized me and came home during the day with a gift for me.  A Valentine's Day gift. ( I know, I know, a little late) He had it wrapped in one of Sampson's blankets.  He had a big speech ready to give me on how he knew I would love this gift and it was useful as well...and on and on and on.  I just KNEW it would be:
  1. something he wanted or
  2. something incredibly crazy

He said he had to go to TWO stores to find it and even had to get on his phone web browser to prove to the lady in the store that they had some in stock.  They were in backstock. (I wonder why?)

FINALLY he gave me the blanket wrapped gift and I unveiled.....


Have you SEEN the commercial about this contraption?  A blanket with arms?

Randy and I saw the commercial a few nights ago and we both could not stop from commenting on it.  Not in a good way commenting.  It looks like an outfit one of those creatures from Star Wars wears.


Or even a Jedi Knight. 

All I know is that I thought it was one of the silliest things I'd ever seen. Grab a blanket already. Put on a sweatshirt.  I know-turn up the heater! (oh wait, you don't have to turn on the heater wearing this!)

I honestly thought the gift was a joke. It wasn't.  My dear husband told me I could wear it while I was using my laptop (I have no laptop) or while I was watching tv ( I usually do that while in bed, under covers)

He got one for my mother, too.  (because they were ONLY 15 dollars!   On the website they are two for 35.00!) I suggested he give MINE to my mother and take hers back. Not going to happen.  

I do like the cool little booklight that came with it.