Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where Have I Been?!?

I'm so BAD at posting on my own blog and SO, SO, GOOD at reading others. So- here's the scoop on what's been happening in my/the family's life this past little while (in no particular order):
  • Had Sasha's birthday party. She turned 3 and is old enough to remember this birthday which is really cool. I must say it was more like CHRISTMAS with all the gifts she received. And thankfully the birthday balloons have been quiety disappearing since the almost strangulation situation with Sampson. Had to break out the scissors, make a fast dash and rescue the poor baby! {Side note: I've just now realized that I've managed to nicely space out my children's birthdays; March, May and July. Just enough breathing space between each to get ready for the next!}
  • Went to London's (Kristine and Mark's little girl) baby blessing. We had such a nice time and London looked precious in her blessing dress. She was in such a good mood while we were taking pictures, too. Sooo sweet!
  • Was lucky to have my sister and her family come visit a few weeks ago. Randy loves it too because it means I clean the house!
  • Managed to not freak out too much when I came home to find my husband had ONCE AGAIN rearranged my computer/desk situation. When I walked back to the room that is ONCE AGAIN my computer room I just stopped in my tracks and turned around to face my husband. He just stood there with a HUGE grin on his face. He knows how much I stress out when he rearranges things. It wasn't too bad this time since he had most everything moved. {I was equally surprised to discover our NEW living room arrangement a few days ago as well. Sigh..aren't women supposed to be the ones to do the "rearranging"??!?}
  • Both Sampson and Sasha got sick. Sampson has RSV, bronchiolitis and ear infections. It's the first time he's been so sick. Sasha just had a an annoying cough. Bleh!
  • Spent tons of time online pouring over paint color samples and living room decor. I still want to decorate my living room with aqua/teal/ice blue...{you get the picture} I'm sooo close to buying paint. It's just hard for me to get in the painting mood when it's SO DARN COLD. Stop snowing already!
Love how clean and refreshing this one is. But I'm not too sure about that clean, crisp, WHITE furniture. Not only do I have children but also 2 dogs who think they own all the comfy spots in the house. I can just see their cute little paw prints running across the the back of the couch and down the arms.

The wood accents in this one warm it up a bit. I just don't know if I can find make time to search for only blue and white accessories. {And the beautiful decorative items on the coffee table would more likely be on the beautiful rug beneath it once Sampson's seen them.}
I'm thinking I REALLY like this one. I know, I know, still have to find the color matching accessories. But the couch is beigey/tan. Much better at hiding little paw prints. It feels warm, cozy, AND best of all, has a splash of PINK!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to leave me a comment!