Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 years!!

After 10 years and 5+ "downsizings" at Novell, this is my loyalty reward.

I guess these days with a technology company, and knowing that most people move around the industry a lot to gain experience and salary increases, I should be getting something like this.


  1. HELLO! You are not a loser and I should know.... :)

  2. Your not a loser. Its a pretty tuff world out there and you've been able to hang on to a job,even though they don't care much about the employee, ask Dad after 35 years, although he did get a stereo. For his 10 year he got a button that said,10 years with Boeing. Yea!
    I got a thanks for all my years and the fun knowing just how old I'm getting when I see the kids I tended having their own kids.

  3. I know I'm not a loser. I'm just posting this for humor sake.

  4. and your mom is posting for love sake! :)