Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time Happenings

We had a nice quiet Christmas at home this year. It was mostly focused on Sasha since she's the who understood what was going on. Sampson just enjoyed rolling around in the wrapping paper! Sasha received a lot of fun presents from family and Santa. She really likes her Barbie that can go in the bath tub and wants to take a bath all the time now. She loves the special markers that only write on the special paper. She also likes all of Sampson's toys too..... and tries to share them with him. :)

Our gifts to each other: Randy received a GPS and I received a Cricut machine. We both received a stationary exercise bike but I've yet to use it.... Randy has been very dedicated to riding it. Yah for him!

We were able to visit with all of Randy's family in Roy. Had a really fun night eating, visiting and playing Rock Band!

Christmas Eve we went over to Mom and Lee's home, ate and opened some gifts. We went over again Christmas night and ate leftovers. Mom wasn't feeling very good.... not fun. I think she outdid herself getting ready making dinner and all.

I'm excited to see my brother, Joe, and his family in a few days. They will be coming up to visit. They are so cute.

Here's hoping for a ♥ safe and peaceful! ♥ New Year~!


  1. I'm glad you have a good Christmas. It was fun having you up on the 20th. Your children are the cutest!! I'm sure Sasha had lots of fun opening her presents, and Sampson is just so easily entertained. I hope you mom starts feeling better. I bet she was glad to have you over. We love you guys!!!

  2. It was so much fun having you up here on the 20th. Its not very often that everyone is able to be together. We almost had everyone this time. All of our kids were able to be there and we appreciate everyone coming. Family, thats what its all about.
    Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Its so much fun with little kids. They get so excited about everything. Its so much fun having Sasha and Sampson here.

  3. i cant wait until next year when Sasha plays little mommy to London and Sampson while they play. It will be so much fun!!