Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rolling and the Purple Dinosaur

I walked into the room the other day and saw this...

And then later...
He's trying to hard and doesn't even know it!

At the library Sasha saw a Barney DVD and exclaimed. "I want Barney!"

I thought:
"Oh no....not Barney.
Where in the world has she seen Barney?
We don't have any DVD's of that purple dinosaur!"

Well, I gave in and got her the Barney DVD . She was so excited to watch it when we got home but it looks like Barney was a disappointment after all (see below) HA!

Actually, Sash hadn't had a nap that day and couldn't keep her eyes open.

Unfortunately she woke up and it's been non-stop Barney since. I have to admit some of those songs are addictive........... Hey Mr. Knickerbocker boppity-bop. I like the way that you boppity-bop.

I've included a video for your viewing pleasure.

Embedded Video


  1. I can't believe Sampson is already trying to turn over. He is growing way too fast. Can't we just slow things down a little. I can't keep up, plus we don't see those sweethearts near enough!
    Sasha has played with Barney stuff here and watched some Barney when she stayed with us. Also remember the Baby Bop that sanag the ABC's and she sang with it and made sure everyone was watching. I would of loved to have a video of that. She's also cute, even when she's asleep and I'm not prejudiced.

  2. I'm so glad you found my blog so I could see the pics of your darling kiddos! How fun! And your brother at the olympics is way cool too. Fun fun fun!