Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Skeeto Bites"

We all know how much Sasha loves to be outside and play in the grass etc. Well, during the summer months she stays outside until it's almost dark and the "skeetos" come out to feast. A couple of days ago she woke up with three mosquito bites-two on her face and one on her arm. They weren't really bad at first but by the next day they were huge! I think she takes after me cause my mosquito bites swell up like hives.

My mom is very protective of Sasha and gets so distraught when she sees Sasha with mosquito bites. She thinks she's going to get the West Nile Virus or something and I have to reassure her that we put repellent on her, try to keep her inside when it gets dark, and that we put something on the bites when she gets them.

"Skeeto" is a daddy word. I've learned he's fabulous at shortening long words and teaching them to Sasha. I'm worried to death she's not going to learn the correct way to say things and that she'll be known as the "crazy girl" who can't speak correctly. (Right now she is the "crazy girl" as she's screaming her head off because she can't figure out how to do something herself.)
Ahhhh..the joys of parenting!!! :)

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