Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sleepy Sampson

This morning I got Sampson ready for church and laid him on my bed so I could get ready. He was happy and "agooing" and just being cute. Before I knew it he was zonked out on my pillow. He looked so content and precious.

Randy took this cute picture of Sampson yesterday. He was smiling and being so good natured. If you look in the background you can see Sasha in a "terrible two" moment. She's upset cause she can't reach Sampson. I just look at this picture and laugh.....

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  1. Patrice,
    I don't know if you will notice this or not because its a few blogs back but I'm kind of slow. I love getting the blogs and the slide show was wonderful. I look at it daily so I can keep those sweethearts as close to me as I can beings I can't hold them, squeeze them, and kiss them as much as I would like.
    I would love to get a few of those pictures. That one where Sasha is looking at Sampson in the hospital is a gem. I think it could win some kind of prize. THanks