Monday, August 4, 2008

Sampson's Blessing

Well, the big day has come and gone. Sampson's blessing was really nice and we were able to have family over and visit and eat with them.

Finding an outfit for him was a little stressful. Did you know that you can find a billion baby girl blessing dresses but only about 2.5 baby boy outfits? A friend told me about a place in Lehi called Broadbent's (thanks Nicole!) and so I went there and found the cutest little outfit for Sampson. There were actually quite a few to choose from!

My sister, Denise, and her family were staying at my house and she was able to help me get the food ready for the special day. I also had lots of family bring yummy food to eat as well. It was nice to have family over for this special day. I must admit I'm glad it's over-it was a little stressful!
Randy did a wonderful job blessing Sampson and I am blessed to be married to him and know that he is a worthy priesthood holder. He is a good example to our little family.

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